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DT-LBM8200 - 2" Drop 1" Ball Hole DT Locking Aluminum Ball Mount

 ( Diversi-Tech )
DT-LBM8200 - 2" Drop 1" Ball Hole DT Locking Aluminum Ball Mount
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2" Drop 1" Ball Hole - DT Self Locking Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum Ball Mount

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This billet aluminum ball mount is constructed of solid 6061 T6 temper aircraft grade polished aluminum and stainless steel. It has a super heavy duty trailer load rating of 14,000 pounds and a tongue load rating of 2,000 pounds. A simple 180 degree turn of the key is all that is needed to retract the integrated o-ring sealed stainless steel pins to remove this ball mount from your trucks receiver tube.


Spring loaded steel anti-rattle balls located on the top side of the shank help eliminate noise and reduce wear and tear on the ball mount and receiver tube. Please note that this feature is only intended to reduce noise and wear when the ball mount it is not being used to tow a trailer and that the spring loaded anti-rattle balls may not work or be effective on all applications.

No welds are used on DT aluminum ball mounts to attach the shank to the drop bar. This prevents fatiguing and breaking associated with other products that use welded two piece construction bodies made from steel or aluminum

Ball mount measures 4.25" from the center of the slide pins to the back side of the drop bar plate or flange and 8.25" to the center of the towing ball

2 high security round tube keys are provided to operate the integrated o-ring sealed stainless steel slide pins that lock the ball mount securely into the receiver tube. The DT self locking oversized and overlapping slide pin system has proven to be an extremely strong design and has been a completely indestructible slide pin towing system since its first production uses over 6 years ago

DT second generation water proof o-ring sealing design incorporates a back-up o-ring seal located just behind the lock cylinder to prevent salt water, penetrating oil or other corrosion promoting chemicals from entering into the ball mounts internal locking system. This new design was implemented to prevent grease wash out problems associated with the use of WD-40 or other penetrating fluid products and salt water flooding caused by the rubber cover being unintentionally left open to the elements

This hitch was designed for the most common 2" x 2" receiver tubes, but it can be converted for use with all 2.5" class V receiver tube with the purchase of a Diversi-Tech DT-ADP35-S adapter tube kit or you can purchase a Diversi-Tech DT-ALBM 2.5" class V series hitch that is compatible with 2.5" receiver tubes only

Product Manufacturer: Diversi-Tech Mfg.

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